Types Of Veins


There are three types of problem veins.

1. Varicose veins.  

These are the large worm-like veins that are found on all parts of the leg but mainly on the thigh and inner calf.  They can lead to problems such as skin ulceration, rashes, thrombophlebitis and can cause a considerable amount of discomfort.

2. Reticular or green veins.  

These are smaller than varicose veins and have minimal bulging.   They are more visable in fair skin people and can often branch off of larger veins and can be enlarged if they are attached to varicose veins.  They are not only unsightly, but increased  pressure inside of them can lead to spider veins.

3. Spider Veins and Capillaries.

The spider veins are unsightly and mainly on the surface and are commonly found on the inner thigh, ankles and behind the knees though they can be found anywhere.  They are the most common veins.  They range in colour from dark blue to red and usually branch off of deeper reticular veins.  They are treated best by closing their feeding reticular veins.  This is done most often with injection treatments called sclerotherapy

In summary, there are three types of leg veins that cause problems.  Varicose veins, reticular veins and spider veins.  All are interconnected and must be treated as a whole.

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