There are two types of vein surgery.  The traditional stripping and ligation type of surgery as well as ambulatory phlebectomy.

Stripping and ligation

Stripping and ligation surgery typically involves a large incision in the groin area to find and tie off the top of the affected large vein.  Once this vein is tied off,   a smaller incision is made lower down on the leg and a wire is inserted into the vein.  It is passed up through the vein to the earlier incision in the groin, a small ball is attached to the wire and then it is pulled back through the vein, stripping it out.

Ambulatory phlebectomy

Ambulatory phlebectomy is done as an outpatient to remove surface veins.  The area around the veins is injected with an anesthetic solution and then veins are removed with tiny hooks that pull out the veins, through micro-incisions in the skin.  Healing is rapid with minimal scarring and complications.

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