#1 Home Treatment

Walking is the single most important thing you can do for leg vein health.  Going for a walk helps varicose veins by activating the calf muscle pump.  The blood vessels in the lower leg have been uniquely positioned to go through the calf muscles in such a way so that when the calf muscle flexes, the blood is pushed out of the legs, upwards towards the heart.

In addition, walking regularly has other benefits that can help your veins.  A regular walk will result in weight loss, which lowers the amount of stress placed on the vein valves.   Walking regularly is also important because it also helps to minimize the risk of blood clots which are more common in leg vein sufferers.

Finally, walking regularly helps to maintain bowel regularity.  Straining can increase the risk of developing hemorrhoids, which are another type of varicose veins.

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